Friday, October 30, 2009

MyAudit Helps Students See the Big Picture

For most college students, figuring out degree requirements, graduation date and grade-point average is often a dreaded chore. Thanks to a new online system, checking academic records just got a lot easier for UC Merced students.

"MyAudit (the campus’ new degree audit reporting system) is a fantastic tool that students can use to check progress in completing their chosen academic programs, and it prepares audits in seconds,” said University Registrar Laurie Herbrand. “Coupled with academic advising, MyAudit helps students create an effective roadmap to assist them in selecting courses to meet their degree-completion goals in a timely manner.”

By showing students a clear picture of how close they are to completing their chosen degree program, MyAudit gives students ownership and control over their academic progress. Although students can view audits at any time, there are key times when viewing an updated report is important:
• before and after registering for classes each semester;
• after filing a Declaration of Candidacy;
• after registering for the final semester of courses.

“MyAudit gave me a clear view of what I need to do next,” said junior psychology major Vinh Tran. “Usually you have to go to the catalog or Web site and compile the information yourself.”

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